Everett Hudson

Hi friends I am Everett Hudson.  Been on the net for many years I am getting heavy into web design in wordpress. I love photography, music, military, family, friends and God. I really want to learn to express myself on the web with killler content in hopes that everyone will enjoy reading and benefit from them.

Wordpress Designer

I have been working in WordPress for a few years now.  Have created a few sites and look forward to many more.  This site was of course created with WordPress


Photography has become a passion as well.  I love taking pictures.  I do not shoot in Auto anymore.  I use Manual and Aperature modes so that I have control of my pictures.  Look forward to more and new projects

Having Fun

Having fun is my goal with this site as well.  My hope is it to be very interactive. God bless all matters of our heart. Share it all pictures, videos all that is on your mind.