Gale and Becky Lim Mission Report#9

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Dear Family and Friends: The week started off very sad as we woke up Tuesday morning to the news our Pikeville Deputy Sheriff was found dead. It is being treated as a homicide and they have called in the FBI … Read More

Gale and Becky Lim Report #7

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Gale and Becky Lim Sep 3 2013

Dear Family and Friends: Last Sunday we played a get to know ya game.  I love my sisters of the Pikeville Branch. Since I am just getting to know and love them well, it was a delight.  One had a … Read More

What is the Book of Mormon

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The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon what is it what are the writings on its pages.  Three young Elders all who served mission’s for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have taken on the mission to spread the word … Read More

Gale and Becky Lim Mission Report #5

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Dear Family and Friends:  It has been a crazy week in them there hills of Tennessee. Monday started out not too bad, just rainy..  So we deceided to head to the Dunlap part of our Branch and take our Sister … Read More