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I think I Have the blog bug.  What, what the heck is a blog.  It is short for Webblog.  Much like writing in a diary putting out your thoughts intermingled with pictures.  But blogs can be about anything for example maybe you have a passion for something and would like to share that with others like Photography, Hiking, Biking, Running and so much more.  I started by putting together this Hudson Family and Friends Network. A project that brings of course family and friends together to share advice, share pictures and talk about whatever we would like.

Okay what did I use to make this happen.  Alright what can you use to make this happen, WordPress.  This is very cool.  It is not just a blogging platform but also a way to put together a website as well.  The other thing is that is not really hard and you can get started for pretty cheap as in free.  You don’t have to have a lot of techno saavy to do it either.  You can easily create a site in as little as a couple hours or less. You also need to think about having a host to host that page and also a domain name as well. Online there is a lot of tutorials and ideas to get you started. I can also help you if you are interested in doing your own blog.  

For example please look at the following blogs that give you some information that may get your started.

Now those video’s can get you started but believe it or not some people have used this knowledge to create websites and make money with them.  They create their own products e-books, video’s and affiliate programs all of which give you another dimension and purpose to your blog.  Here some idea’s to check out

Now of course their are other Web pages and blogs out there that can help.  I found a lot of these just reading on Pinterest.  Imagine that Pinterest of all places.  You certainly can get more then just recipe’s and how to’s on the many ways that you can make a pony tail.  Bottom line there are a lot of things that you can do to have a little fun and possibly make money.  I have not covered alot of the detail but check out these websites and have fun. 

I would appreciate your comments and ideas and suggestions because I am still learning as I go here.  Until next time enjoy life and share. Thanks