Gale and Becky Lim Report #20

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Becky and a Family

Dear Family and Friends: 

Becky and Spiked BatWe had the great blessing to witness another baptism this week.  We drove 4.5 hours to Fall of Rough State Park in Kentucky.  One of our missionaries serving with us had taught a young women and her daughter when he served there in the Litchfield Branch. She has had a rough life that the missionaries helped her put behind her. Since our missionary had gone thru it with her she wanted him to baptize her.  So we got permission to take him. We had a beautiful baptism in the Lake. When we got ready for the baptism we went to an area of the lake away from about 30 people laughing and playing in the water.   We could hear them as the Elder and Nicole entered the water.  As he prepared to baptize her the lake became still as the people around us realized something sacred was about to take place.  It was a sacred thing, and we were blessed to witness it. The Branch President lives a 100 miles away from the Branch and travels weekly with his wife and spends 3 days in the area. He has bought a summer home for them to stay in. they are a small Branch just like ours.  There were more nonmembers at the baptism than members of the branch.  The sister, who served refreshments, has 8 children. She and her husband were converts who had been Amish before joining the church.  They had to give up family and friends and have been shunned and turned away by their community. Sacrifice is always a part of devotion to God. We would drive home another 4.5 hours tired but filled with the joy of the day. 

Happy Birthday America! We spent the fourth of July in Dunlap with a missionary booth set up at the Courthouse.  There was a great parade, and then everyone came to the courthouse to celebrate, eat and visit.  We were blowing up balloons for the kids, filling out referral cards and listening to the band when the rain began.  Rain in the South comes down in buckets.  We were soon about the only ones left.  We gathered up and went home to dry everything out. 

We have had 5 days of rain this week.  In the evening we went to the parking lot of our local Baptist Church and watched the fireworks with them. A nice finish to our day. 

Sunday found us in a different building for Church.  The College building we were meeting in got new computers and we couldn’t meet in the rooms any more.  After a few days of looking the Wonderful Senior Citizens said we could meet in their building.  It was wonderful. The primary meets in the Ceramic room; we pray we can keep their little hands off the pretty statues. The youth meet in the computer room; we pray we can keep their hands off the computers. The Priesthood meets in a room at the back of the building; we pray they will stay awake. I pray I can keep my hands off the puzzles during church that is set up in the main room. Life is full of Sacrifices but the blessings cannot be numbered.  No they have not started remodeling of our building yet but they are telling us this month! 

We Love you all.  Thank you, who has written little notes, skyped us, called or sent a sweet card in the mail. You have made our day!

Love Elder and Sister Lim, Gale and Becky, Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma, Friend