Magic “The Gathering”

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Justin Stander

Magic the Gathering is a fantastic game and I’m going to tell you why. I was originally introduced to the game by my one of my best friends in the world, Jordan Hudson. His dad was in the army, and after seeing the other soldiers flinging cards he decided to learn. He remembered us always playing Pokemon, and Yugioh, and figured that this card game might be similar and could be something fun to play with his son when he came back home. As it turns out, Magic is fairly popular in the Army. So from war, came magic. I was of course pulled in immediately, and ten something years later we’re all still playing.
I love the game, its intense, and challenging, and it makes you think. There’s something else there too though. I’d say ‘magic’ but I can only be ironic once per post, and I don’t want to break my cheese-wheel. To my friend Jordan it was more than a game, it was a tool to bond with his dad after he had been away for so long. For me it was a social experience. I got to kill a few hours with my buddy and his dad, or our other friends. As I’ve grown I’ve had the opportunity to teach several new people how to play. My nieces and nephews being chief among them. I even had a the opportunity to teach my niece, who didn’t really know how to read, how to play. (And if you play magic, you know how important reading is) I had the unique challenge of building her a deck with little-to-no text. She’s eight-years old now or so, and she’s wrecked me pretty hard with that elf deck. (now much more impressive)
“The Gathering” is real. As much as it sucks to go up against your nephew’s sliver deck, (He has a sliver deck man!) or to get poisoned to death AGAIN- it does not suck at all to be with those you love. In the end it’s only the people you love that matter.
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