A great nation under God, not man.  Served 21 years in the military, served one tour in Iraq with courageous willing men and woman.  I have a few video’s that are a tribute to those whom I served with.  May God’s tender mercies be with all that are serving, that have served and has payed the ultimate sacrifice.  To their families they are hero’s to grateful nation they made this nations freedoms possible.  Inspired


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As you know I love the military but I truely love family. Family is the binding force for everything on this earth. They inspire me, they support me, they glorify my very being. I love them.

This was a fantastic trip. It included seven sisters and their husbands and me (brother) and my wife. This was a great trip. We flew to Puerto Rico spent a little time there than boarded a Carnival Cruise ship and started are journey from there. We visited St. Johns, St. James, Barbado’s, St. Lucia. We all different things for excursions. Most of the time we all did something together. To see this Islands first hand was awesome and beautiful. That Cruise ship was huge and there was a lot of things to do on board from gambling for those that have the inclination, movies, show and shopping etc.