Week 1 52 Week Photo Challenge

Everett HudsonPhotography Comments


Hello everyone. I am really getting excited about this project for 2017.  I wanted to challenge myself in many way’s and this was one I really look forward to.  I love photograhy and really have come along way but I have a long way to go to be better at the craft.  I hope that you will follow me as I do this.  Even better you wanna be photographers want to get better there are many ways to be able to do so check out the links below that can help

Hopefully those can get you started with tools to get you on your way.  Well I am excited here I took my first photo this week of my daughter McKenzie’s beautiful 6 month old Golden Retriever.  She is a beautiful dog and very well mannered.  She really has gotten very big. Now I need to add to this also that this challenge comes with some instructions to make this a fun challenge too, not only taking the photo but have a story in mind for the shot.  I will give you the story behind this picture so it can make sense



Rule of Thirdsthe rule of thirds

As you can see in the picture on the left you break up your view finder with two vertical and horizontal lines.  Notice the point that is on the bees eyes, that is in the right third of your frame.  You could also the next point to the left and used it for youf third rule and brought more of the flower in the frame.  Any of those cross section can be used for your thirds depending on what you want in your picture.  This can change the way you shoot pictures.  It will give you more of a story than maybe shooting straight on.  Look it up there are many examples on how to do this.  Check out Digital Photography School rule of thirds. Try it on your next shoot


There she is Lady Brynnlee Dela Vega. She is six months old and is a beautiful Retriever. You can’t help yourself you will love her to death. We were headed to town and she of course wants to go. She has gotten so tall she can stand and look out the window no problem. Talk about puppy dog eye’s.  She is so energetic and eager to go everywhere with us and she has that longing in here eye’s to go with us and she is trying to convince us to do just that. Sorry girl you can’t go see you later