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Hi my name Everett Hudson and welcome to our family and friends network site. What a great way to communicate with each other without getting all caught up and lost on Facebook. It is just us. I created this site in hopes of being able to create a stronger family and friend presence. Showcasing what we all like to do and what we all like to talk about. I know you have some things that you would like to share. My hopes is that we will share pictures, video’s, recipe’s, make comments, create your own blog entries and help when any family or friend needs it. Family on occasion needs family support and help. Such as maybe they need a job and maybe we can help with that or at least point them in the right direction. How about sell or give away your stuff to family first before you sell it on Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon or whatever? Do you see what I am saying what a great way to keep family and friends in perspective and not just strangers. This site will be fluid and be built with you in mind. I don’t want this to be just mine but a concerted effort on all our parts to make this fun and exciting and above all about you.

Here are some video’s that you can look at to help you with getting a good start on how to Submit a post and also how to sign up on the RSS feed. Submit a Post is so anyone can post something for everyone to read and make comments on. The RSS feed will keep you posted in your e-mail when there is a new post. In other words when a new post is created you will see it come in your e-mail, it is awesome. Another note you can also get the url of video off youtube or vimeo and paste that in content area when you are submitting a post and we will then see your video. Real easy and real cool. I apologize I forgot to show you that in the how to submit a post video below.

How to submit a post
How to setup E-mail to receive all new posts RSS feed

I also thought that it would be fun to have little video’s about you as family and friends. I mean your family, you as an individual. Now and again we can have someone share their favorite recipes, jokes, accomplishements. How about religious experiences, thoughts and talks. You never know I may show up and have a little chat with you on video that we can share. Do you see where I am going with this? Say what you want show the network who you are your accomplishments and fun stuff. It ould be cool to see what you look like, share geneaology, next reunion, BBQ, Concert or any local event you may have to share. Contact me anytime you have ideas that can make this site better. Just go to Contact Everett and send me a message. I will be hoping for many comments and ideas from you all. God Bless you all.